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Onsite Support Overview

Our award-winning, credentialed, insured technicians will come to your home or office to help you with just about any computer, networking, device, or peripheral problem that you may encounter. We provide support for PCs and Mac, laptops and desktops. If it is prior to 4 PM Monday through Friday, and it is an emergency, we can probably take care of you on the same day (additional charges apply for same day service). Onsite services are provided with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The list below is just a sampling of the types of problems or services that our technicians are qualified to handle. Please be sure to call our technicians if you have questions about onsite service or would like to schedule a service appointment.

Services Include:
  • Data Transfer & Backup
  • Network (wireless or wired) Install or Troubleshooting
  • PDA/Blackberry Install or Troubleshooting
  • Peripheral Setup or Fix
  • Desktop Setup & Configure
  • Desktop Memory Upgrade & Install
  • Desktop CD or DVD Drive Install
  • Desktop Hard Drive Install
  • Desktop I/O Gaming Card (Video, Sound) Install
  • Laptop Memory Upgrade & Install
  • Laptop CD or DVD Drive Install
  • Laptop Hard Drive Install
  • Broadband/DSL Install
  • VoIP Install
  • Audio and Video component installation
  • Offsite, Data Backup Install & Configuration
  • Software Install & Configuration
  • Basic Digital Imaging (Photo) Training
  • Digital Music Training (setup sold separately)
  • Data or Document Recovery